Why do the prices vorchid,babybreath,roses bouquetary so much from time to time?

Like fruit and vegetable, flowers are seasonal. Depending on when the flower is in season the prices can vary if it’s at the beginning or end of their season. Prices also vary on the type of weather that has affected the crop and if the growers have a flush of new blooms  or not.

Why are wedding flowers so much more?

Wedding flowers are more in price because of the care taken to get the best and perfect bloom for your special day. More flowers are purchased than for an everyday bouquet and wastage is significantly more therefore the bouquets are expensive.  The Wedding bouquets also take a considerately lot more time than a normal everyday bouquet, some bouquets taking hours to make.

Will you deliver my wedding flowers, will you charge for delivery?

Yes, your wedding flowers will be delivered on the day; the bridal party flowers will be delivered to the bride’s home and the buttonholes to the groom’s. All other flowers will be set up/ delivered to the specified  locations agreed on before the wedding day. A small fee is applicable depending on the location of the destination.

Do you set up flowers at a specific venue, how much does it cost?

​Yes, we set up everything. You dont have to worry for a second on your wedding day we will make sure nothing falls short of perfection. Based on the detail of the set up and size, the cost will vary. All costs are detailed within the wedding quote, no extra fees or charges will be applied.

How far in advance do I need to book?

It is always a good idea to meet with all potential suppliers as soon as you can. Mainly to secure your first preference. It does however help if you have a clear idea of your wedding dress style and the venue for the reception.

Why do I need to have a consultation?  

The consultation allows us to clearly interpret your dream wedding day and in turn provide a detailed and accurate quote for you. Our website shows only a glimpse of our work, so during the consultation you are able to go through all of our wedding folios and give us an exact idea of what you are wanting to achieve for your wedding. We can in turn show you exactly what can be achieved for your budget.

How do I organise a consultation?                      

Please complete our contact page and we will contact you to organise a time that suits you for a consultation.

  I am interstate / overseas so can’t do a personal consultation. Is this a problem?

This is no problem at all. Many of our brides are living overseas or interstate during the planning process. We usually meet with them via Skype or telephone initially and then catch up closer to the date to triple check they are happy with everything.  


If you still have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us,

we will be happy to help you.