Current trends

Cotextured bouquetlour & texture…

Mixing new flowers such as peonies, roses and lisizianthus with older varieties such as hellebores and ranculus; to create a a simple textured bouquet.  

Emphasis on foliage has become as important as the blooms.        

Fuchsia, magenta, burgundy, purple, plum, orange and vivid greens are this seasons popular colours.                                                  

Bohemian style is being created with wildflowers in shades of lemon, apricot, cream, plum and soft pinks.        

If you prefer the pastel colours for your bouquet the choice is selecting exotic blooms to produce texture into the designs.


​Hanging flowers/ Floral backdrops…

To create a bold statement that commands attention; suspend bouquet and wreaths from the ceiling.

A floral backdrop is the perfect setting for the photos that follow. 

Wearable flowers…flower-garland

Brides today are embracing the floral headpiece; its a change from the silk or diamante hair decorations.    

Other creative ways of flowers being used include; to adorn the dress, jewelry, sashes and umbrellas.